Connect with Us


Please feel free to email us at, especially if you are interested in speaking at one of our meetings.


There is an active Slack “team” where IGDA Twin Cities members hang out and chat virtually every day. If you want to discuss IGDA Twin Cities specifically, please join the #igdatc-meta channel!

You can join the Slack here if you don’t already have an account.


Our live events are broadcast on


There is a Twin Cities Gamedev Discord that we use for our online events, as well as an IGDA Twin Cities channel in the IGDA Discord.

If you are already (or want to become) a member of our parent organization, the IGDA, please head over to to find us there.


Tweeting at @igdatc is a great way to send us a public message. We love to retweet and follow local game developers!

Ice Cold Games

Ice Cold Games is a community run webpage listing details for local Twin Cities events, meetings, get togethers, and related businesses.


IGDATC has a GitHub account. So far it is mostly just used to host this website. Please feel free to post issues and propose changes there.


We have an IGDA Twin Cities Facebook page if you want to like us!

Mailing List (Archived)

In the past, the IGDA Twin Cities has maintained a mailing list, which eventually we migrated to a google group. You can still view the google group posts, but both have been disabled in favor of the communication methods above.