Multiplayer Extravaganza

Multiplayer Extravaganza is an ongoing series of monthly events where our community gets together to play games and share gaming experiences. The games we play and discuss include a rotating collection of favorites suggested by the community as well as locally made games that local game makers bring to the events. Come share your passion for games, or bring your own game to get feedback and encouragement, or simply join us to find your place in the gaming world. There’s always something new to discover! Read about past and future Multiplayer Extravaganza events on our blog.

Attend Multiplayer Extravaganza

The dates and locations of future Multiplayer Extravaganza events will be announced on our blog. It is also recommended that you join the IGDATC Google Group or follow us on either Twitter or Facebook.

Call for Local Games

Are you a local game maker? All locally made games are welcome at Multiplayer Extravaganza, including board games, single player games, mobile games, etc. We encourage demos and works-in-progress. We want the events to help local game creators refine their games, get exposure, and gain valuable feedback.

One of the big screens at the event will be dedicated to locally made games, but you are welcome to present your game in other ways as well. We will split time on the local screen evenly and fairly between the game makers in attendance. Sign up for this screen will be on Eventbrite prior to the event. If you’d like to see your game on this screen, we recommend bringing your own laptop to plug into this screen directly. This is the best way to ensure your game works. If that is not possible, contact us at and we will test your game on our hardware.

Games We Are Playing

Request games you think we should feature at these events! Games we’ve played at the events include:

Feedback / Contact Us

We want our event to be welcoming and fun for all! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns about the Multiplayer Extravaganza events, please fill out our Event Feedback Form or email us at:

You are also welcome to find an organizer at the event. Look for our name tags! Organizers include: Jerry Belich, Ryan Foss, Martin Grider, Zachary Johnson, and Zach Wendt.