🎮 Twin Cities Playtest

A new online-only event, every third Wednesday, 6-9pm CT, for live testing of in-development games. Sessions are streamed to Twitch, where anyone can watch, and sign up to play next!

Players don’t download builds and do not need a streaming setup. Devs only need to send an existing build to us. Games are hosted on a server running Parsec, a low-latency remote desktop service for games, which can even support “local” multiplayer titles.


Want your game tested? Contact Peter Yang (@ZettoVyker#5046 on the Twin Cities Gamedev Discord). Once on the schedule, you’ll send builds to Mark LaCroix (@Mark LaCroix#7985).


Instructions to participate:

Before the event:

During the event:

  • Post in #events-chat (on Discord) letting us know your Parsec username (and your IRL name if it’s different from your Discord nickname).
  • Open Parsec and click the Friends tab. Select Add Friend, type in igdatc, and send us a friend request.

When it’s your turn:

  • Mute your browser or close the Twitch stream. We don’t want audio feedback!
  • You’ll be given access to the Event Stage voice channel, join that now! NOTE: If you’re not muted, your voice will be live on Twitch.
  • Once you see an option in the “Computers” tab in Parsec to connect to OWLBOX, click that!
  • After your request is approved, the game will take over your Parsec window and you’re ready to play!

Players: Be willing to take notes/type out your comments for the developer. It’s valuable intel! Be honest but be kind: unfinished games aren’t yet finished!

Developers: Be present for questions and be open to constructive (and otherwise) criticism and feedback. Remember, the player is doing you a favor, and they know what they’re talking about!