International Game
Developers Association,
Twin Cities

Learn, connect, achieve.

IGDATC provides continuing education and career development for a growing, inclusive community of designers, artists, programmers — everyone involved in any part of the development of video and tabletop games in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area (and surrounding regions).


1st Wednesday:
Devs Play Games!

Socialize, play board games, and more! Join game developers for a night of board games (oh and video games, story games, party games, and more!)

2nd Wednesday:
Gamedev Meeting

Industry and community presentations! Postmortems, live demos, and talks on game design, art, marketing, audio, community, social issues, and more, given by developers from the Twin Cities and all over the world.

3rd Wednesday:
Twin Cities Playtest

Live testing of in-development games! From less than a week into development to fully polished betas. Plus: lively conversations with the developers! Viewers can join in and play the games live on stream!

4th Wednesday:

Virtual reality, alternative hardware, and interactive art! Enthusiasts, developers, and tinkerers working with all variety human-computer interaction.

3rd Saturday:
Women in Games Gathering

Networking & social event! Open to anyone who identifies as a woman and who is working in (or interested in) games.

4th Saturday:
People of Color Get-together

Networking & social event! Open to people of color who are working in (or adjacent to, or interested in) games.

IGDATC holds public events in-person and live on YouTube, on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wednesdays of every month.

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It's Your IGDA Chapter!

The International Game Developers Association is the world’s largest nonprofit organization serving all individuals who create games.

If you're a professional or hobbyist involved in any part of game development, and live in the state of Minnesota (or a neighboring midwest state), IGDATC is your IGDA chapter!

Official IGDA membership is not required to participate in IGDATC events and programs, but membership dues support your local chapter. The more IGDA members in our community, the more we can do for the community, including scholarships, workshops, diversity outreach, and more.

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A colorful graphic depicting the borders of Minnesota and its surrounding states, with the IGDATC icon marking Minneapolis/St. Paul. The composition is decorated with a pair of video game controllers, two tabletop pawns, and a 20-sided die.

Your Volunteer Board

IGDATC is a community-run organization led by a volunteer board. We hold board meetings once a month over Discord voice chat. Board meetings are not public, but if you'd like to propose an idea or discuss a community issue with the board at one of our meetings, let us know!

We can’t do it alone!

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Board members are elected by the community. Read about that process on our Governance page.

Beth Korth,

Zach Wendt,
Vice Chair

Peter Yang,

El Berg-Maas

Mark LaCroix

David Mann

Your Community


The Twin Cities Gamedev Discord server is the fastest way to get involved in the community. It's where presenters connect during, and the community gathers after, remote and hybrid IGDATC events.


The MSPGameDev Slack server is the longtime "work hub" for the Twin Cities game development community. If you're working on a team project, you can create your own channels and connect with teammates.

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