Global Game Jam 2014

IGDATC is once again organizing a site for the Global Game Jam, and The Nerdery is once again our generous host.

1/23 Updates:

IGDATC is looking for music submissions for Global Gam Jam Radio, IGDATC edition. We’ll be broadcasting live around the world 7-8pm Saturday. Listen in here: http://globalgamejam.org/radio If you would like to have your music played on air, please ensure that it is music either composed locally, or for a local game. Ensure that there are no copyright conflicts before submitting your music.

Please include a brief blurb as to what you would like said about your music on-air (track name, what game is it for, what’s your name, etc.). We can’t be certain that we will be able to air all clips in the time allotted, but we will do our best. If you have more than one song, rank them.

Send music and blurb to torikamal@gmail.com

Here’s the updated schedule:
6 - 7     Arrive and haul in gear (you could wait to set up until after 9)
6:30-ish  Pizza - Thanks Nerdery!
7 - 7:30  Keynote, Secret Theme and Diversifiers reveal
7:30 - 9  Intros/Pitches/Questions.
9-ish     Team up, set up, get to work!
by noon   All projects created on GGJ website, and people assigned
5pm       Start recording short video clips of your WIP game
6pm       Gather everyone and watch videos, discuss
6:45-ish  Pizza - Thanks Nerdery!
7 - 8pm   Global Gam Jam Radio, IGDATC edition.  http://globalgamejam.org/radio

by 3pm    ...or sooner. Package assets upload, record YouTube trailier, clean
before 5  You and your gear out of the building.  Go home and sleep.
1/22 Updates:

Here’s some additional reading and our IGDATC sites from previous years:

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