Dead Space 2


Sandra Voelker is a Senior Technical Artist from the Twin Cities who works remotely for Visceral Studios, a division of EA Games. Her latest project, Dead Space 2, was just released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on 1/25. Sandra will present the development process for Dead Space 2, the challenges faced, and will cover the following areas:

Production process:

  • Creating a game within a global studio. The “Pod” production style.
  • Remote partner pipeline challenges, communication, and collaboration.
  • Breakdown of team resources, and areas of expertise.

Character creation process:

  • Concept art, modeling for dismemberment, shaders, and rigging.
  • Finding the right balance between art needs and budget limitations

Environment creation process:

  • Steps we take when building an environment, metamodel instances, Collision Physics, Navagation planes.
  • Javelin gun and limb impalement technical challenges.

NOTE: Dead Space 2 is an M-rated horror game. There will be gore and violence in the examples for this talk.

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