If you missed Damian’s presentation at GDC 2011, fear not. The IGDATC has him live and in person for one night only! This is a deep dive presentation with video examples and great anecdotes. Don’t miss it!

A Footstep and Movement Sound Study Discussion with Damian Kastbauer

Footstep and movement sounds are a fundamental of many of today’s video games. While not always the focus, these sounds can turn a walk in the park into a test of player patience due to repetition or lack of consideration for sounds heard during hours of gameplay. Join us as we explore the art of footsteps and movement and how they contribute to the overall sound of a game by focusing on examples from different genres for comparison. Learn about some of the common challenges, solutions, and interesting insights that will sharpen your perception of movement in games.

Damian Kastbauer is a freelance technical sound designer working with the Bay Area Sound Department pulling off cool implementation tricks, experimenting with noise, and spreading the word about interactive audio. His contributions to the art of implementation can be heard in Conan, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and The Saboteur, among others, while additional articles on Technical Sound Design can be found linked at www.lostchocolatelab.com.

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