Ryan Foss - Community Arcade Games update

Come early, get some pizza and see the progress of the IGDA community games project started by Ryan Foss at last months meeting. Ryan will bring his arcade controller and some games to play, including some game prototypes. See what the group has come up with so far and be part of the play testing. Ryan will also present status on the collaboration group, outlining his progress with construction for the arcade cabinet, live demo’s of game prototypes, and what’s next for the community games project.

Zach Wendt - Visual 3D Math (for non-math folks)

Few equations, lots of pictures, animations and a basketball. These are the visual examples that gave me an intuitive understanding of concepts that I wasn’t able to get from math and graphics classes in college. Why can rotations in only X and Y rotate an object in Z? Wait, it can? Why does gimball lock happen, and how do I pick the right workaround? What’s the dot product do, and what’s it good for? (Everything from lighting to tire friction.)

Zach Johnson - Apestronauts


Multiplayer online space gorilla warfare. Throw explosive bananas at the other players. This was built with a JavaScript front end and JavaScript server back end, using WebSockets for realtime communication. All done by a team of 3 (including me) in 48 hours for the Node Knockout contest.

We’ll also get a mass game going. Bring a laptop with Chrome or Safari.

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