Aaron Bannin will be talking about the trials, tribulations, and celebrations of making profitable free-to-play games for mobile. We’ll be discussing how freemium game design differs from traditional console/PC development and the unique challenges and advantages that are inherent within the mobile platform.

Recharge Studios - W3i

2 Member Projects this month:

How Crowd Source Funding is a Game Changer

Christopher Figueroa | KinifiGames

Overview of crowd source funding models. My experience funding Imagine Me on Kickstarter. Reccomendations of what to do and what not to do when trying to get funding for your next game.

Racing Games Sound

Damian Kastbauer of Lost Chocolate Lab and David Nichols of Track Time Audio

Damian and David present a short preview of their latest sound study, Racing Games Sound. Listen to recent titles’ implementations of key sound aspects to the driving experience, and gain insight into the hows and whys of what you hear.

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