Game Center is billed as a social gaming network, but it can add functionality to your apps beyond just providing an interface for achievements and leader boards. Using demos in Unity for iPhone and XCode, Doug will show:

Doug Thorpe is a self-taught indie iOS developer, whose iOS projects include video editing apps, a building block creativity app, and a jigsaw puzzle app.

Member Project: Martin Grider - iCADE for iPad, and a toddler drawing app

Demo of iCADE and quick overview of the API and implementing support. Walkthrough of a drawing app I made in an evening for my 1 & 1/2 yr old daughter.

Ty Burks - Global Game Jam 2012

IGDATC is organizing a team for Global Game Jam 2012. Mark your calendars, GGJ 2012 is Fri 1/27 ~5pm to Sun 1/29 ~7pm (game submission deadline is 3pm.) We expect to have final confirmation on a GGJ site by our 1/11 meeting so we can officially register and open sign-up. We’d love to see/hear from you If you were involved with GGJ 2011 at Brown or MNZERO, have any other GGJ experience.

GGJ discussions/prep will be on the IGDATC discussion mailing list. Sign up here: http://www.igdatc.org/mailing-list/

For more GGJ information: http://globalgamejam.org/ http://globalgamejam.org/wiki/basic-questions

MNZERO is a current site in MN, but they are NOT video games (You might prefer that!) http://globalgamejam.org/sites/2011/mnzero

You can check out Brown, MNZERO, and other 2011 games here: http://globalgamejam.org/games/2011

We’ll review the best of GGJ 2012 games at our 2/8 IGDATC meeting.

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