The 2012 Global Game Jam ended up with 244 sites in 48 countries hosting almost 11,000 participants. Nearly 2,300 games were created. IGDATC did it’s part with 27 participants and 11 game projects.

Come and hear a recap of the GGJ event and experience, and brief post-mortems from the IGDATC GGJ teams. Then, play and rate some of the 2300 games to help find the gems.

Bring laptops, smartphones, ipads (and a PS3 or 360 controller if you’ve used it with a laptop before.) We’ll also have a selection of the board games ready to play in the cafeteria.


From the Event

Last shot from the webcast

Here are the games that were made during the 2012 Global Game Jam by IGDATC members.  Thanks once again to the Nerdery for being great and flexible hosts!

More details will be added to this page. For the moment, link will direct you to the Global Game Jam hosting page for the game entry.


Around The World in 80 mbs

Chris Figueroa

Controls: X = Run, Z = Jump or Double Jump, Left and Right arrow keys to move. Also you can wall jump!

I worked on a platformer that originally was suppose to be you running around the world. When you died you would become a random animal. Instead this just it a straight up platformer and it feels like a solid platformer and I’m proud of that.


Back to the End

Beau Severson
Eric Mickols
Corin Dennison

This game plays in an endless scrolling left and right world and has a hardcore player playing a 2D platformer, and a casual player networked viewing the other players status updates from their game. Then they can interact with them using a facebook-like interface.

Boogie Fling!

Ryan Schaefer – Design, Programming
Ryan Foss – Programming, Art
Zach Wendt – Programming
Tori Kamal – Sound
Ty Burks – Art

Players must navigate a series of puzzles revolving around collecting minions in order to serve your will and solve your puzzles. As players collect more minions, they start each level with them, and eventually loop around to the beginning, allowing them to experience the same easier levels with a vastly increased supply of minions. The game can be replayed infinitely, or at least until the player has too many minions to be handled by their system memory.

Eat Thyself (GGJ Page)

Martin Grider
Art by August Brown

Move your “king” pieces around the gameboard attempting to land on and “eat” your own “pawn” pieces. When you have only one piece remaining, you win the game!



Andres Reinot

Grow your snake by eating glowing fruit, grow garden tiles up completing clockwise snake-loops, destroy tiles with counter-clockwise loops. Loop around fruits to plant rapidly growing plots or raze the terrain with fire.


How to Make Snake Burgers

Scott Reynolds

Use the left and right arrow keys (or a and d) to navigate the unexpected perils of your home.

Or A Large Bore Hose

Kyle Anderson – Programming
Tom Finnegan – Programming
Dustin Smither – Art
Tori Kamal – Audio

One player drives using the keyboard. Another player aims and shoots with the mouse. The last player controls the shielding system with a joystick or controller.

March through an outpost destroying enemies and buildings alike to reach the enemy generator.

Rebuild yourself if too many attacks get by your shield, you can find the bits that got blown off nearby and patch them back on.

Ouro vs the World

Ty Burks
Doug Thorpe

One player controls the character with A/D and Spacebar. The second player controls the rotation of the World with the left and right arrows. The Character tries to survive as long as possible, while the World player tries to move its obstacles in the way of the Character. When the player dies, the roles switch, as the player is reborn anew.



Zachary Johnson

Protoboros is a game of serpentine dogfighting. Bite the tail of your enemy.

Play 1 or 2-Player on the same keyboard. (2-Player is much more fun!)

Player 1 Controls – Turn: A/S, Hold Q to Open Mouth, Release Q to Bite a Tail
Player 2 Controls -Turn: ←/→, Use ENTER for Mouth

You go faster with your mouth closed. You must bite tails from behind.



Scott Lembcke – Developer
Ashley McLaughlin – Project Lead, Artist, Sound Design
Andy Korth – Developer
Kevin MacLeod – Music

Yggy shoots seeds into mudmen changing them into vegetation. It takes 3 hits to turn a mudman. Mudmen can also attack Yggy. A level is over when vegetation has reached 100%. (We weren’t able to get in the health drops, mudmen becoming vegetation, full vegetation ending, or screen transitions to new levels. But they were intended! 😀 )

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