Warp The Form: 3D Virtual Tabletop

Tom Finnegan, Dustin Smither and Kyle Anderson from Warp The Form present the 3D Virtual Tabletop

3DVT is a multi-player, 3D gaming aid that allows users to connect with others to play tabletop games. Cards, dice, miniatures war games, or dungeons and dragons; you can play anything you choose. Movement, measuring, rotation and labeling tools work together to create a unique and powerful 3D tabletop gaming experience.

GDC Recap Roundtable

The best and worst of GDC, and what’s it good for. Various perspectives: first-time, speaker, programmer, artist, mobile, poor, etc. Bring a good story if you attended, or a cool news item if you didn’t.

Member Project: TAG

Josh Saville, Keith Butterfield, Chris Bentzen, Adam Dyson and Sean Carlson from MSB. TAG is a school project created in C++ using the DarkGDK.

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