Big John Games - Coasters, Karts, and Bass


Ken Patterson, Matt Heinzen and Ajani Boganey from Big John Games will be showing three new games, each for a different Nintendo Platform.

  • Coaster Creator 3D is a 3DS game that allows easy creation of roller coaster track’s using a draw the track method using the stylus. Players can create tracks, customize there coaster tracks and coaster cars. Players can also import Mii’s and take them for rides.
  • Kart Krashers is a DSiWare game that plays like a vehicle platformer. Player’s drive karts through stages and collect stars and smash into almost everything that can find.
  • Big Bass Arcade No Limit is an expanded version of our WiiWare Bass fishing game that hit #1. It is a lot of fun to play, and pushes the Wii’s graphics to the limit. This game was built as a retail disc release. A new challenge was added and programmed by a special guest star (Zach).

Member Project: Core of Innocence

Don James and co. from Pudding Hat Games will talk about Core of Innocence - their nearly complete Metroidvania-style platformer and their recent Kickstarter campaign.

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