Designing Great Achievements

August Brown

Xbox Live does it. Steam does it. Even PSN does it. But does that mean that you should do it? Probably, but we’ll get into that later.

We’ve all played games with terrible achievements and we’ve probably all played a few with really good ones, but more and more it seems like they’re a afterthought tacked on late in the development process. This presentation will explore how achievements affect the user experience of a video game and how you can use achievements in your games to enrich the experience.

August Brown designs video game achievements professionally for kongregate.com.

Dr. Wordfield

Nate Yourchuck

Nate Yourchuck will present Dr. Wordfield. This game combines the wordgames with friends genre and deckbuilding games such as Dominion and Ascension. It is available for intrepid playtesters at wordfield.com

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