Jump Dewds! Postmortem - The Art & Design of Dewds

Ty Burks - Graveck

Ty will be discussing a what went right and wrong during development of Graveck’s latest arcade action mobile game, Jump Dewds! Focus will be on the art and design of Jump Dewds, and give an insight to how the Dewds evolved into a full iOS game. Also, a short peek at some upcoming projects.

Play as any of the 17 unique Dewdawonton Island native Dewds, and collect the coins shooting from the ancient volcano! But don’t let them crack the ground and expose the lava. www.jumpdewds.com

The importance of art and design in games

Chad Robinson

Chad will talk about how to find an interesting art style for your project, and how that affects your games perception and success. In addition, he’ll be walking through recent iOS projects and his history of entering the game industry.

Chad Robinson is a graphic designer who recently started designing games for iOS.

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