Creatively Bypassing the Limitations of HTML5 as a Gaming Platform

Kevin Moot and Scott Bromander from The Nerdery

Kevin and Scott will kick off the IDGATC talk with their experiences presenting at GDC Online in Austin, and plans for future GDC Events.

The presentation covers limitations of using HTML5 for game development, and some creative solutions to work around these limitations. We will also talk through practical use cases are for these work arounds and how the they were thought up.

While code is going to be covered in this talk, Kevin and Scott have built a demonstration game to help assist in visualizing some of the key components of the talk.

Ludum Dare 24 at Canopy

Joel Stewart

The weekend game challenge, Ludum Dare 24, took place in August and Canopy hosted a few developers from the Twin Cities. Joel Stewart will give an overview of the Ludum Dare challenge and the game he developed for the competition, Geovolve, as well as show the progress that’s been made since then and the plan for bringing his LD game to market in December.

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