Free to Play Coulds and Shoulds


Free to Play Coulds and Shoulds

Ben Sipe

Game & Monetization Consultant Ben Sipe will be talking about challenging decisions developers face when designing their games. Some of the topics covered will include…

  • Scenarios where Premium can be better than Freemium
  • Monetization mechanics and ways to tweak your game to optimize performance
  • F2P tactics, and which are becoming less acceptable
  • Meta games vs. end games and how F2P mechanics differs with them
  • We hope that you’ll walk away from this session with new ideas around the F2P business model on how to monetize in your future games.

Designing for Second Life

Anne Hayes

Second Life is a virtual world consisting almost exclusively of user generated content. Anne will talk about her experience developing content for the game, the world’s economy, and the challenges presented by building content for a game that wasn’t designed to handle it.

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