Shooting Fish in a Barrel - Mobile App Postmortems”

Chip Pedersen - Golden Gear Consulting and FrostBit Studio

18 year Game industry veteran Chip Pedersen speaks openly about transitioning his console studio to a mobile studio and the 3 apps they created for Bass Pro Shops.

He thought would it would be a great move for the studio. Hunting and fishing games were a popular genre in the App Store already. Combine that with a billion dollar license with huge marketing potential = Hit App. It should have been easy money, right? It wasn’t

This is a cautionary tale designed to help other developers think about their app design, development and marketing effort. Chip will save plenty of time for questions or if you want a private 1:1, buy him a beer.

Garden Gnomes

Adam Rademacher and Jay Haase

A Humble Attempt By Two Friends To Build a Whimsical Strategy Game (How Garden Gnomes made it into the Apple App Store)

Adam Rademacher and Jay Haase of Lost Lamppost will describe the crazy road from idea to app store. Come to find out answers to these questions and more: Will they meet their goals? Will they find the missing artists? What is a whimsical strategy game anyway? Who stole the documentation for the Game Center API?

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