Marmoset Skyshop

Andres Reinot

Marmoset Skyshop is a suite of shaders and tools for high quality, high performance natural lighting in Unity 3.5 and 4 (both free and pro.) It was released in May, and just received a Technical Achievement award at Unite 2013. The talk will cover:

Project Top Hat

Jajeev Nithiananda and Simeon Gbolo

One artist. One programmer. Six months to create a quality game app for Android, a platform known for its’ library of notoriously derivative junk. Learn how two ordinary guys, Jajeev Nithiananda and Simeon Gbolo, we’re able to make something completely from scratch in less than a year. As one might expect, it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine.

Unite 2013 Recap

Bring your favorite story if you attended, or your favorite announcement if you didn’t. IGDATC members were well represented in the 2013 Unity Awards: Marmoset Skyshop won for Technical Achievement, and Graveck’s Strata was a finalist for 2D visuals.

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