3DS Development and some Leap Motion

Ken Patterson, Matt Heinzen, AJ Boganey and Ryan Appel from Big John Games

Big John Games will discuss it’s 2013 releases of “Big Bass Arcade: No Limit” and “Smash Bowling 3D” on the Nintendo 3DS. We’re also distributing our 3DS games in Japan and Europe, and will review the hurdles involved in that accomplishment.

BJG is about to launch it’s latest game “Ohno Odyssey” for 3DS. We will present a developer discussion of what went into the design and development of this unique new game.

We’ll also show and discuss Catch Up Calu!, a PC / Mac game BJG developed for Stutzwerks. It was designed around the Leap Motion controller, and built in Unity.

As usual questions are welcomed and encouraged.

Cross compiling iOS games for Android using Apportable

Scott Lembcke and Andy Korth from Howling Moon Software

Apportable is a toolchain and set of libraries that allow you to cross compile native iOS code for Android with minimal fuss. We have been working to port a number of unreleased iOS games to Android using Apportable, and so far the experience has been surprisingly smooth.

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