Global Game Jam 2014 Recap

GGJ14 was bigger than ever, with over 4,000 games and 23,000 jammers worldwide. Come hear what went right and wrong for the local IGDATC teams. Rapid fire video based post-mortems on 12 games, Relive the agony, ecstacy and sleepiness of everyone from first-timers to grizzled vets.

There are some real special games in that pile of 4,000. Help us find great and/or crazy games to highlight during this meeting, or play during our upcoming social. Enter them in this spreadsheet as you hear of them, and join the discussion in our google group.

Steam Dev Days

Chris Figureroa

Chris Figureroa will give a quick overview and share personal highlights. We’d also like to hear from any other folks that were there.

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