My Pants RPG: A Debrief


My Pants RPG: A Debrief

Zachary Johnson

The first three episodes of my serial RPG The Legend of Equip > Pants have been out for a few months. It’s a punny old-school pantsventure RPG broken up into 15-20 minute episodes. Find out more at and play for free on iOS or at the Chrome Web Store. This talk will answer all of your questions!

  • Is there room in the market for 2D pixel art RPGs filled with bad puns?
  • How do you make a cross-platform game like this?
  • What are some marketing tactics for one-person teams?
  • Just how many people will pirate the In-App Purchase for an entirely optional donation in a free game?
  • How can I design levels so that heat-maps of player deaths form entertaining shapes?
  • Discover all this, and more.

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