Working with Publishers: From Pitch to Signing
August Brown

While getting your game picked up by a publishing is a sound business decision for many indies, it’s not super clear on how you get there. There are many factors that dictate how you should pitch your game and who to pitch it to. Once you’re in conversations with a publisher, it’s often unclear how to best align your goals and values with those of the publisher. In this talk, we’ll go over tips and tricks for getting noticed and discuss some red flags while going through the signing process with a publisher.

August Brown has worked as a producer at Kongregate for the last 8 years. He shipped over 15 titles to date and evaluated hundreds of others for publishing.

Generate 3d landscapes for multiplayer games

Terrance Schubring

Generate 3d landscapes for multiplayer games. Create a mesh and a data structure from a raster image. How to smooth animation in a course world with multiplayer lag.

Terrance Schubring is a game designer at jambots.com

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