Stout Senior Capstone Projects

Stout Senior Capstone Projects

Students From University of Wisconsin-Stout

At University of Wisconsin – Stout, the Senior Capstone in game design brings together students enrolled in the BFA-Art and Computer Science game design programs, who use their knowledge to create a 3D game over the course of one academic year.This presentation will be an early insight into their games and production process, before the final release at the Stout Game Expo (SGX) on May 2nd from 6-9pm.


Take control of the wind and rise to the challenge of collecting and destroying the cursed fractions of a shattered storm to restore the tropical island of Sunshore.


In Colos, the five guardian spirits of color lost in an ancient war between the Colorless, which has left the world void of all color for thousands of years.


Solace invites players to delve into a story about emotional connections realized over a cup of tea.


A meditative game that invokes a feeling of intrigue and cognitive amusement.


Explore a vast island paradise filled with exotic flora and fauna in Grove!


Help a young woman solve puzzles to escape the whimsical nightmare of coping_device.


Choose your role, test the will of the heroes or navigate the examiner’s gauntlet in the asymmetric, multiplayer world of Unproven!

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