Matt Ames, Dev Jana

A new Gaming Console - The cross roads of AR/ VR & LBE entertainment

Matt Ames

The immersive entertainment industry is changing rapidly this talk will outline how gaming is being effected by it, where we see it headed, and what this means for game development and developers. We will touch on things like two bit circus, meow wolf, Escape rooms, video games, e-sports, one dome, AR, and VR. We will also be demoing a rough prototype of of what we have been working on.

Presented by Matt Ames and Tony Biele of BARNCO. Matt is the founder of BARNCO which has grossed over 19 million in revenue. Matt is on a mission to create a million memories by 2020 and he wants to change how you treat your free time. Tony is a hardware and systems designer with expertise in projection mapping and creating immersive, reactive environments.

Perspectives on Game Design

Dev Jana

Perspectives on Game Design: A brief journey looking at different techniques to both generate for and reflect upon game design projects. This will (should?) be a rapid fire and springboard for new ways to approach designing your games and deconstructing others’ game designs.

Dev is a Director of Instruction for the Full Stack Engineering progra at Prime Digital Academy and the President of Code and Noises at local game development team DevNAri whose first game - Newt One - is available now in Early Access on Steam and will be coming this year to PS4, Switch, and XBox One.

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