Tactics for Self-Motivation

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Classroom Tips for Game Developer, Troy Strand

Are you a game development professional? Are you passionate about sharing your craft with young people? Does a classroom full of middle or high school students fill your stomach with knots? Inspiring future developers doesn’t have to scare you. You can share what you love without drama with a few simple tips. Learn how to keep students engaged and measure understanding to plan reteaching and extension activities in any education setting. In no time you’ll be teaching game development with ease!

Troy Strand is game composer and educator of over ten years. He is an instructional coach for White Bear Lake Area Schools and has taught band, orchestra, and maker education in addition to coaching teachers on innovative practice and class management. He regularly leads professional development on student-centered learning, maker and STEM education and game development in the public school setting.

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Tactics for Self-Motivation, Paul Metcalf

Paul Metcalf dives into self-motivation, leading developments on Tactics V: “Obsidian Brigade” on the side of a 40-hour day job for 3 years.

Paul Metcalf is a founding partner for From Nothing Game Studios here in the Twin Cities. He draws major inspiration from 90s tactical RPGs of his youth, and has a history of tabletop wargaming. Previously programing 4 gridded combat systems without releasing them, the 5th system used in Tactics V (hence the V) shows his research as it is their most ambitious title yet.

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