Peter Yang, Scott Lembcke

Main Presentation

Finding Your Greatness - Peter Yang

“Finding Your Greatness” is a presentation about the trials and tribulations of Peter Yang, an up and coming game developer in Minnesota. Working toward signing his third board game in 2019, his adventures to get where he is, is a tale mixed with some unusual ups and downs of being within the games industry. In this talk, he will go over an array of concepts and life lessons, such as how to find opportunities, useful project management skills, networking and why you should floss your teeth.

Peter Yang is a Game Designer and Creative Director who specializes in Personal Communications. His goal is to help developers better voice their games to their communities through playtesting and events.

Short Presentation

Optimizing Like it’s 1999 - Scott Lembcke

As CPUs get faster, engineers add more buzzwords like superscalar execution, pipelining, cache hierarchies, and branch prediction. What do they all mean, and how do they affect performance? Can we still optimize code like it’s 1999 or is there a better way now? How much of a difference can it make? Come and find out!

Scott Lembcke is the main author of Chipmunk Physics and a cofounder of Howling Moon Software. He has been pretending to write high performance code for over a decade.

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