Seppy Yoon, Dev Jana, Jesse Gillespie

We are mixing it up this month with three shorter presentations.

Who makes games? - Seppy Yoon

The four archetypes of folks who see their games out in the world. Geniuses, Promoters, Fanatics, and Enhancers - we’ll talk about what defines each group and maybe a story about each and how to line up your efforts/business model to succeed as each.

Seppy Yoon adopted the Twin Cities in the late 90’s. For two years, he published the Cities short but stylish “UPmagazine” for LGBT youth with a readership of @10,000. After which he got caught up in the .com boom and was corrupted (ending up as VP of Marketing for Software companies.) In 2013, Seppy threw off his golden handcuffs and returned to publishing this time celebrating his nerd by starting Fight in a Box (FiaB). Six years later, FiaB has 4 titles: Squirrel or Die, End of the Line, Processing, and most recently the Hedgehog Hop.

Your game is a platform - Dev Jana

The expectations of players and demands of the market have evolved beyond the “game” itself. Your game design and development should evolve as well. A quick look at the things that are generally overlooked during the planning phase and subsequently bolted on late in development.

Dev Jana is the President of Code and Noises at DevNAri - a Minneapolis-based game development team that recently release Newt One on Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, & Steam.

Two Hands of Fate - Jesse Gillespie

Jesse is going to be sharing on the unique experience of being able to begin working on a video game series and move into a board game adaptation of it. The Hand of Fate series was a success in both arenas, and was a fascinating growth experience for a first-time video game freelancer.

Jesse Gillespie is a Minnesotan freelance illustrator who has worked with Defiant Development on both “Hand of Fate” video games and their board game spinoff “Hand of Fate: Ordeals”. He enjoys all kinds of gaming, especially open-world games on PC, and is a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan. He lives in St. Paul with his wife and stepson.

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