Board Member Election, Lightning Talks

Vote for Board Members

This meeting marks an important milestone for IGDA Twin Cities!

We are taking baby-steps toward formalizing our leadership team. We will hear from all the nominees about why they want to be on the board, and what they hope to achieve in the local game development community during their tenure. Everyone in attendance will get a ballot and be able to vote for the new board members. We will also take some time to solicit feedback from everyone about ideas for the future direction of our organization. (If you can’t attend the meeting in person this month, this online form is also available for general feedback at any time.)

Gamedev Lightning Talks

We don’t know how long the above voting process will take, but probably not the whole meeting!

Do you have something you’re working on that you might like to share? This is your opportunity! Anyone can take the podium at this meeting. Bring your prototype and show it off, or just talk about a topic you’ve been getting into recently. Any length of time is fine, but we’ll give preference to the shorter talks. We’ve got a few folks signed up for this already, so you can look forward to cute skateboarding dog gifs, and photos from the largest board game convention in the world.

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