Games at the Museum, Parleying with Publishers

Games at the Museum – The development of “Infestation”

Trygve Nordberg

Join us to explore the technology and strategy behind a multi-year game project at the Science Museum of Minnesota. “Infestation” is a 90 minute game that is equal parts theater, scavenger hunt, and escape-room. Scattered across hidden rooms in the museum, the project researches how theatrical gaming might be used to open players to real conceptual shifts around prickly subject-matter.

Trygve Nordberg is a software developer with over a decade’s experience building educational games and interactive exhibits. Before leading media projects at the Science Museum of Minnesota, he developed online games and learning tools for international clients such as Adult Swim, Medtronic, KidsWB, Cartoon Network, Paramount Pictures, and Red Bull. He plays fiddle and likes dog-sitting.

Parleying with Publishers

August Brown

We all know that the reason why every indie dev gets in to the industry is so that they can one day negotiate a publishing agreement. However, if this is somehow not true for you, the virtual novel-calling-itself-a-contract a publisher might send your way may seem insanely intimidating. This talk, which is definitely not legal advice, goes over some primers on what you might want to keep an eye out for when negotiating with a prospective publisher.

August is a senior producer for the indie-focused publisher Armor Games Studios. He’s spent nearly a decade in the industry, has helped ship almost 20 games, and very well might know what he’s talking about this time.

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