The Power of a Cube / Fractals

The Power of a Cube: How to Create Meaning in Games

Charlie McCarron

Charlie will share concepts from board game design that may improve your video game design, like:

Charlie McCarron is a board game designer, film composer, songwriter, video producer, and visual artist. Charlie helped develop the card game Star Wars: Destiny while interning at Fantasy Flight Games. Charlie strives for elegant gameplay with fun themes in his own board games, which include Dragon Insurance, Alphabet Sloop, and Four Humours.

Fractals: Complexity Simplified

Scott Lembcke

Fractals are bizarre little mathematical oddities that exist between the regular dimensions. Infinitely more detailed than the universe as we know it, and yet generated by simple rules. What do fractals have to do with gamedev, and what can we learn from them?

Scott Lembcke is a co-founder of Howling Moon Software and the developer of the Chipmunk2D physics library. When not attempting to demystify math and graphics programming topics, he enjoys crashing RC airplanes.

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