Thrive Board Game & Steam Store Optimization

Eigenstate - best or worst name for a board game?

Martin Grider

Thrive is a board game designed by Martin Grider and published by Adam’s Apple Games. It had a successful Kickstarter in March of 2019 and will be hitting retailers very soon. Martin is also producing a digital version of the game. In this exposé, Martin will talk about:

Martin Grider is a contract programmer and software developer, focused primarily on mobile apps and games. In his personal life, he likes to juggle and unicycle, read science fiction, solve all kinds of puzzles, and spend every waking moment with his wife and 10 yr old kid. Martin is also the primary organizer for speakers at the IGDA Twin Cities meetings.

Steam Store Page Optimization

August Brown

While making a great game is all very well and good, that work doesn’t mean as much if folks on your launch platforms can’t find your game. In this talk, we’ll go over the very basic fundamental steps you can take to optimize your game’s presence on Steam and make sure that your game is set up to fully take advantage of your marketing efforts.

August is a senior producer at indie-publisher Armor Games Studios. Over the course of the last decade he has helped ship over 20 titles and has yet to be fired for gross negligence.

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