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Ty Burks

Hang with Ty Burks and get the latest on what this new Minneapolis-based game studio has been up in their first year together. From releasing a local multiplayer game in a pandemic, helping launch a fully-functional licensed NES game, a couple VR experiences, and some big ‘ol secret projects - we’ve been busy!

We’ll dive into how EleMetals (finally) launched - post-mortem style. What it was like pushin’ pixels on a Jay & Silent Bob project. Collaborating on some unique Oculus Quest projects. Maybe a glimpse into the future of WALLRIDE. Idk, idk if we’ll have enough time!

WALLRIDE is a game studio based out of Minneapolis, MN and headed by Ty Burks and Nathan Shorts. The team is composed of experienced developers who have worked on games such as Job Simulator, Rick & Morty VR, ToeJam & Earl, Mascot VR, and many others. With a focus on vibrant, memorable, and surprising design, WALLRIDE creates unique games and experiences for both VR and traditional gaming mediums. Since being founded, the studio has created many licensed and in-house projects such as Jay & Silent Bob: Mall Brawl, Elemetals: Death Metal Death Match, Pet Threat VR, and more. Currenly, WALLRIDE continues to grow as it partners with other studios and contractors to create new and exciting games and technology.


Charles McGregor

The Unity plugin, Rewired, can be an amazing asset for managing controllers but it can be a bit overwhelming. What’s “Input Behaviors”? How do I remap controls? What is the difference between “Action Categories” and “Map Categories”? In this talk, I hope to clear up the confusion on terms and show some best practices based off my experience using Rewired for 5 years across multiple projects.

Charles McGregor is an award-winning game developer, musician, and artist. Charles founded Tribe Games; an independent video game studio based in Minnesota. He created and designed HyperDot, which has won various awards including Tom’s Guide’s Best of E3 2019. He has worked on various projects for a wide variety of platforms, including the Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens, PC, Mobile, and Consoles. Charles is currently the sole developer at his studio Tribe Games.

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