Talking About Your Thing: An Introduction to Branding Games

August Brown

From store pages, to tweets, to pitch decks, and everything in between, your game’s brand is at the core of all of its messaging. Unfortunately, it’s extremely easy to breeze through the branding step when making your game. In this talk, we’ll go through the basic considerations that go into building a brand for a game including identifying an audience, picking out what’s special about your game, and how to best convey those aspects to that audience. August is a senior producer at indie-publisher Armor Games Studios. Over the course of the last decade he has helped ship over 20 titles and has yet to be fired for gross negligence.

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Shane Yach

Tiny games are beautiful and important. And collections of those tiny games are also cool. I’d like to talk about the viability of micro-games, providing as little as 1 minute of gameplay. Going beyond bite-sized video games as game jam prototypes for larger projects, but as complete and worthwhile things on their own. I’m a lofi surreal game developer and music composer in Minneapolis. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout a few years ago learning game development. I’ve attended some IGDATC meetings in the past and helped present Small Hours in 2018. I now do gamedev on the side of a fulltime job, making lots of small lofi games myself and with the HauntedPS1 community. I’m also just a general evangelist of micro-sized and weird video games and independent storefronts like Itch.io.

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