Making 'Camp Illuminate'
Matt Summers

AIGA partnered with Pixel Farm to create a multiplayer 3D wilderness retreat for AIGA’s first ever virtual Design Camp®. In celebration of its 40th anniversary and first virtual gathering, a new approach was needed to bring the AIGA community together during the COVID-19 lockdown. In this experience attendees could walk, talk, and explore together in a virtual forest inspired by historical Northern Minnesota locations of years past. Populated by towering trees, scenic vistas, and calming waters, the peaceful ambiance will make you want to chill out and appreciate the night sky with new friends. Make your way to the bonfire, grab a drink, and stop to dance along the way!

Matt Summers, he works at Pixel Farm and makes stuff.

Growing Up Ojibwe

Eleanore Falck

“I will talk about my internship at the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission where I developed an educational game about Ojibwe history and culture. I will share my experience developing the game as well as discussing the content of the game.

I am currently a junior at UW - Stout where I study Game Design and Development - Art. I love stylized colorful art, nature, and adventure!”

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