Stout Senior Capstone Projects and Thesis Project

Thesis Project Review

Morgan Brantner

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MFA in Design candidate Morgan Brantner will summarize his thesis, sharing both creative and scholarly research on cooperative games, as evidenced in his game Abyss.

Stout Senior Capstone Projects

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At the University of Wisconsin-Stout, the Senior Capstone in game design brings together students enrolled in the BFA-Art and BS-Computer Science Game Design & Development programs, who use their respective knowledge and skills to create a 3D game over the course of one academic year. This presentation will showcase their completed work and feature a short Q&A with each dev team. In place of their traditional playtest/exhibit, Stout Game Expo, a virtual event website will debut on Wednesday, May 5 at 5pm, with links to trailers, websites and downloads for all titles.

The Curse of Janksbury

The sleepy midwestern town of Janksbury throws an annual “Jank Festival”, celebrating all the weird, mysterious, and unknown. Marcus, an angsty teen, dislikes the childish festivities and events and in an act of rebellion against his weird town’s traditions he frees the town’s mascot Ippy the Iguana. Little did he know, Ippy the Iguana was secretly an evil psychic hell creature with telekinetic powers, who sets out to destroy and corrupt their celebration into a hellish carnival of the damned! Play as Marcus as he tries to right the wrong he made, and save his town from the corrupting jank forces warping his town and his neighbors into monsters. Use your Jankify Gun to nullify creatures, solve environment puzzles, and save the world!

Dawn of the Falkonir

Dawn of the Falkonir is a cooperative action-adventure game with asymmetric combat and spacial puzzles. Play as Aella, a Falkonir, or Horu, her Falcon, as you work together to explore a devastated magical mountain and end the source of its corruption. @StudioFowlPlay

Inconvenience Store

Inconvenience Store is a collection of minigames where players compete for the coveted title of “Employee of the Month” at Happy Mart. @HappyMartGame

One Teddy Lost

In a world ravaged by nuclear war, play as a child navigating an abandoned factory. Use your wits to befriend or avoid monsters, all to save your best friend, a teddy bear. @puddlejumpstout

Super Nova Stadium

Join other alien contestants in a ricochet battle at the Super Nova Stadium. Harness solar power to fuel your blaster, eliminate your opponents, and claim victory for yourself or your team. @bc_gamestudios


Travel through an otherworldly museum solving puzzles featuring artifacts from Minneapolis Institute of Art. @TheCuratorsDev

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