Opening Your Own Door to the Industry
Ashlye Kaczmarek

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Ashlye Kaczmarek was having 0 luck getting into the industry after getting her Bachelors degree in Game Design. After a year and a half of being told no, she decided to tell herself yes. Come join as she tells her story and philosophy of opening your own door in the industry as an Indie Dev. How can we be the change that our industry needs?

Ashlye Kaczmarek is a Producer and Game Designer from Peoria, Illinois. She graduated from Bradley University in May of 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Game Design and a minor in Entrepreneurial and Innovation. She owns and operates Ashuriiyuki Productions LLC, an art and game design studio where she creates a variety of products from the merchandise of her artwork to custom design work for other streamers and businesses. She has been streaming on Twitch since June of 2020, taking what she had learned in Uni about Game design to give viewers an inside into the design of their favorite games. The how and the why things are the way they are. In August of 2021 she released her team’s first game titled Lingering Legacy.

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Lessons from graphic design that helped me be a better game developer

Star St.Germain

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Before becoming a game developer, Star spent years working in art direction, branding, web development, and graphic design. This talk will cover all the lessons she brought into her gamedev practice from her previous career. Specifics include: why you need a style guide, how mood boards are your friend, and choosing typefaces for games.

Star St.Germain is a tornado disguised as a girl. She is the Chief Design Officer and Founder of Aconite, who made the social media simulator game HoloVista. She likes pastel colors, playing cello, and training generative adversarial networks.

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