The Practical Magic of Pixel Art
Julia Minamata

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The Practical Magic of Pixel Art: Pixel art is sometimes seen as nostalgic, a visual throwback to a time when technological limitations dictated game aesthetics. But thanks to hosts of artists and indie game developers, it’s never been more popular and celebrated! Low-resolution, limited palette pixel art may seem restrictive, but its constraints can be efficient, approachable, and creatively liberating. In this talk we’ll cover a (very) brief history of pixel art and its predecessors, tips and tricks for effective and beautiful pixel art, and examples from the past, present and future!

Julia Minamata is an indie game developer, freelance artist, and art director based in Toronto, Canada. She is currently working on The Crimson Diamond (solo), Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, Witch Strandings (with Strange Scaffold), and Recommendation Dog!! for the Playdate (with Sweet Baby Inc.). Julia streams game art and music development (with composer Dan Policar) weekly on Twitch (Tuesdays at 8pm Eastern). She also loves giving talks like these!

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Creating a Three Dimensional Town for a 2D Game

Alexis Johnson

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Think of the most iconic locations of your favorite video games. Be it a dungeon, a home base, or an evil lair, do you ever think about how those settings were made? In our upcoming fantasy RPG, we hope to have a home base as memorable as the best of them, in a town called Roshamberg. Join Alexis as she discusses everything, from the design and decision making process to the tools and techniques used to bring the town to life.

Alexis Johnson is a jack-of-all-trades in art. She got into making games in 2017, when she made a card game with her friend, Zach Storch. Taking the same property they created for the card game, Alexis and Zack decided to try their hands at making a video game, which this presentation discusses. When not making extremely large and complicated assets, Alexis enjoys illustration, isometric drawing, sewing, embroidery, and recently got into linocut printing.

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