Community Power

How UGC can help indie developers

Patty Toledo

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Community is essential to the games industry. An audience that is active, follows, engages, and creates is incredibly powerful. These champions are passionate about a game, and are key to its success. Being part of a gaming community creates a sense of belonging, and user generated content (UGC) presents a unique opportunity for studios and developers to take the power of its community even further. Connections are made, communities are built, all thanks to UGC.

Patty Toledo, Director of Developer Relations at [YAHAHA]https://yahaha.com/, discusses how UGC is changing the gaming industry, from user acquisition to marketing. The future is becoming a reality and all game developers need to stay on top of the UGC trend before it’s too late.

From world traveler to Director of Developer Relations at YAHAHA and Leader of IGDA Sweden, Patty Toledo has been deeply involved in creative media and games for 30 years. Taking the gaming industry by storm, Patty is shaping business and creative opportunities for developers, publishers and creators, enabling them to explore the metaverse and beyond.

Patty: @EvilCandy

Yahaha: Yahaha.com - @OfficialYahaha - Discord

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