MN VR and HC - Oculus Rift Demos

Oculus Rift Demos

MN VR and HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) welcomes developers and tinkerers working with all variety of VR, HCI, hardware hacking, creative coding and interactive art. Members are working projects with light field displays, mocap, tiny computers, servos and sensors, interactive statues and a variety of VR,motion and computer vision games.

We’ve got a good number of Rift owners already, and a lot of interest among the group in trying out different experiences. I’m sure we’ll have some more amazing discussion and brainstorming like before.

Rift owners, please bring your favorite demo(s), a Hydra if you have it, and let me know if you need anything else. Please try to arrive close to 6 for setup. I’ve demoed for ~20 folks, and have some good tips, and a decent collection of apps and prototypes.

Everybody else: We’ll get rolling at 6:30. Expect to do a handful of 5 minute sessions, and have a little vertigo inbetween. Wear contacts if you have them. We’ll adjust a couple Rifts to fit (most) glasses - there is some loss of viewing angle.

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