MN VR and HC - Choosatron Interactive Fiction Machine


MN VR and HC - Choosatron Interactive Fiction Machine

Choosatron Interactive Fiction Machine

Jerry Belich

Software developer and storyteller Jerry Belich will be discussing his jump into the Maker movement with the Choosatron (currently a live Kickstarter!). From prototype to production, in less than a year his project has captured the attention and imaginations of both the literary and technical communities. Some of the topics will include…

  • Challenges of a first hardware project - knowing how little you know
  • Software/firmware of the Choosatron, unlimited story length in cramped space
  • The Literary World: Getting left behind as the technical generation grows up
  • How the Choosatron hobby project got promoted to product development
  • The benefits of not trying to solve a problem
  • China and Kickstarter: The terrors of manufacturing and selling promises
  • Why we are in a revolution now that you’ll kick yourself in a few years for not being a part of
  • It’s never been a better time to make your ideas into something real, but it’s good to be prepared!

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