MN VR and HC - Oculus Rift demos from VR Jam


MN VR and HC - Oculus Rift demos from VR Jam

Oculus Rift demos from VR Jam

There is a great new generation of VR games thanks to the VR Jam, and ongoing community work.

Expect to do 5-10 ~5 minute sessions, and have a little vertigo inbetween. Wear contacts if you have them, everyone last time said it also works fine with no correction/glasses.

We’ll also have a couple non-Rift demos that use unique forms of input.

Kickoff is 7pm in the auditorium. Setup is in the Nerdery classroom, lunchroom AND auditorium. (Hefty A/C, props and saftey bean bags to play Hydra Cover Shooter)

  • Rift Bringers - Bring an extension cord, lens cloth, and a Hydra if you have it. We’d love to show your work! Demos of other HCI hardware also welcome (Leap, Depth Cam, other HMDs, etc.)

  • Demo Minders - Lend a hand if you’re good with PC/Mac video card / multimon, so that the nice folks sharing their hardware get to try everything. We’ll make sure you do too. Arrive by 6:30 for setup.

  • E-mail list - We’re likely to “sell out” again. But we will notify you of any cancelations, and future events.

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