Stereo 3D Photography and Imaging

Stereo 3D Photography and Imaging

Patrick Swinnea

Creating an immersive VR experience starts with understanding the basics of stereoscopic imaging. When is it awesome? When is it mediocre? When does it make your eyes bleed!!? And most importantly, how can we apply the tried and true rules of stereoscopic still photography to the creation of delightfully immersive VR?

The discussion will cover:

Patrick Swinnea is an independent game developer and Stereo 3D enthusiast. Patrick’s games are on BoiledGoose.com and photos are on his blog 3DManifesto.com and on Flickr.


6:00 Social, Setup and Soda - Thanks to the Nerdery for hosting! 6:30 Quick recap of IEEE VR 2014 and ALT.CTRL.GDC 7:00 Patrick Swinnea

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