MN VR and HCI Oct 2018


MN VR and HCI Oct 2018

OC5, L.E.A.P., Nvidia RTX, Vive Wireless

Oculus Connect 5

RJ White, Zach Wendt, Matt Summers, Chris Johnson
  • Announcements, research updates, favorite sessions and experiences.
  • Hands on with Oculus Quest (formerly Santa Cruz), including the 6-person, 4000 sq ft arena shootout using only headset tracking (pictured above.)
  • Some tech, dev and demo details that haven’t made it to public coverage.
  • The Void - Star Wars (opening soon at MoA) impressions, tech, and calibration hacks.
  • What it’s like to be on stage with John Carmack :)

L.E.A.P (Magic Leap conference)

Chris Johnson
  • Quick hardware/software review of ML1, and comparisons to HoloLens.
  • L.E.A.P announcements and software roadmap.
  • Dr Grodborts, demo clips, and through the lens vs stream capture.
  • Magicverse Layers, PHILTR, Goats, and what L.E.A.P actually stands for.

NVidia GeForce 20-series and Quadro RTX cards

Matt Summers
  • New features, released and announced cards
  • Initial VR benchmarks

HTC Vive Wireless Adapter

Zach Wendt
  • Quick review of strengths, limitations and value
  • Required PC hardware and potential gotchas

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