IAAPA, Daydream 6-DoF, CES, GGJ

IAAPA Attractions Expo, VR Roundup

Patrick Swinnea, PuzzleFox Interactive

Patrick Swinnea brings us a tech report from the latest IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, IAAPA’s weeklong trade show and education conference for theme parks, museums, family entertainment centers, science centers, resorts and zoos.

IAAPA Expo 2018 hosted over 1000 companies showcasing products for the amusement industry, with close to 10% of those selling VR, AR or Mixed Reality.

Learn about all the crazy tech on display (including crazy displays) – such as “holographic” tables, motion tracked trampolining, VR paragliding and some black magic thing called DeepFrame.

Daydream 6-DoF Controllers

RJ White @RJdoesVR

RJ gives us a quick overview of the new experimental Daydream 6-DoF controllers for Lenovo Mirage, and his continued immunity to sim-sickness.

CES Roulette

We will omit our plugs this month in order to cover everything interesting at CES in under 15 minutes. Add your favorite gizmo video or webpage to the spreadsheet, then stand up and ramble for 60 seconds!

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