VR Demos

An evening of VR demos created by members, and a wide variety of headsets and use cases!

HP Reverb - Dan Schneider | HP

The new HP Reverb headset features upgraded lenses, ergonomics, FOV, and 2160 x 2160 per eye (full RGB stripe) for great clarity on text and detailed objects. Try it ahead of the 4/26 launch.

Vapor Run VR - Pixel Farm VR

Vapor Run is a car-drifting, alien-blasting homage to the retro-futuristic video games and synthwave music scene of the 1980s. Demoing on a Playseat racing seat setup and a Rift.

FireZone - RJ White

Classic team-based FPS gameplay on 6 or 8 Oculus Go’s.

New demos - Team Zero | Ingersoll Rand

Try our latest VR trade show experiences, featuring an upgraded 3rd-person view for spectators. Demoing on Vive Pro.

Ravenclaw Common Room VR - Colin Cody-Waters

A fan-made demo project that lets you cast an assortment of spells (using your voice), interact with magical objects, and relax in the high tower of Hogwarts castle.

Automaza - Nate Yourchuck

Automaza is a logic-based puzzle game for VR. Demoing on Pimax 8K.

Grandmother’s Porch - Luke Pierson

After moving in to assisted living, my grandma said she missed her porch in Brooklyn Park. So, I rebuilt it for her - in VR! I used Oculus Go and LWRP-VR.

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