MN VR and HCI May 2019: Firezone, MR Dev Days

RJ White

Back again to talk more about mobile VR and my most recent Oculus Go release, FireZone, an online VR multiplayer shooter inspired by classic FPS games. I’ll talk about the process I went through developing my first multiplayer game, marketing it, and using the positive reception from its release.

My talk will cover:

I’m RJ White, and I’m a VR developer at Ghost Productions. I live in the Twin Cities with my wife and three children. I previously released Hardlight Blade on the Oculus Go (and later Rift) and most recently FireZone for the Go and Vive Focus. I’m currently working on projects related to FireZone and expanding the core gameplay for bigger experiences. Check out my twitter for my personal VR work: @RJdoesVR

Mixed Reality Dev Days

Zach Wendt

A quick overview of the 2-day Microsoft Mixed Reality Dev Days event, and impressions of the non-final HoloLens 2 and Azure Kinect hardware. We’ll also have some extra time to discuss all the other VR and AR hardware announced since last month.

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