MN VR and HC: Quest Qlub, ARKit 3, Eyeo


MN VR and HC: Quest Qlub, ARKit 3, Eyeo

The first rule of Quest Qlub is: Tell everyone about Quest Qlub!

The Oculus Quest released last month, and the great capabilities at a new low price point have already led to a lot of excitement, experimentation and hacking. We want to share all of the development/experimental knowledge to date, in a casual and open discussion. Planned topics:

  • Matt Summers - Unity LWRP, Google Seurat and Daydream Renderer, OpenVR streaming
  • Patrick Swinnea (and Ty if he shows up) - Hardware modding, Tilt Brush to Unity pipeline
  • Zach Wendt - Disabled Guardian issues and workarounds, adb tips, scrcpy for flexible mirroring
  • You - We’d love to have others share their experiences with development on Mac, 360 video tips, feet/object tracking, networking, aligning playspaces, side loading/modding, sweat management, battery packs, personal projects/experiments, or anything!

ARKit 3 Overview - Marc Jensen

Marc will give a quick overview of the newly announced Apple ARKit 3 - new features, capabilities, and likely use cases.

Eyeo highlights - Martin Grider and co.

A quick overview of Eyeo 2019, and some favorite presentations and moments. Everyone who attended is encouraged to share.

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