MN VR and HCI - Valve Index, Vive Focus Plus, SideQuest

Valve Index - Alex Carlson

Valve Index is a new VR headset, controllers, and tracking Base Stations that extend technology first seen in the HTC Vive in completely new ways.

My talk will cover:

Alex Carlson is a game developer from Minneapolis, MN. Currently working at Target Headquarters on the Creative AR/VR team. He’s also working on a game about a dog that rides a skateboard, it’s called Ollie-Oop. http://skateboarding.dog/

Vive Focus Plus, SideQuest - RJ White

The HTC Vive Focus Plus is a 6-DOF standalone VR headset designed for enterprise use. I’ll cover technical capabilities vs Oculus Quest, and what I’ve learned while porting projects to Focus.

SideQuest, the community-led project for simplifying “sideloading” for the Oculus Quest, continues to evolve, and now has features for distributing WIP/demo apps to Quest users. I’ll share a quick history of SideQuest, and my experience distributing Hardlight Blade.

I’m RJ White, and I’m a VR developer at Ghost Productions. I live in Centerville, MN with my wife and three children. I previously released Hardlight Blade for the Oculus Go, Rift, and Quest (via SideQuest), and FireZone for the Oculus Go. I’m currently working on Animov, a multiplayer sci-fi shooter for mobile VR and LBE experiences. Check out my twitter for my personal VR work: @RJdoesVR

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