Sun Shard, Quest playspaces

OC6 Highlights and Other News - Matt Summers, Zach Wendt, and you

We’ll cover our favorite talks, demos, and news from Oculus Connect 6, and the co-located Nreal event. This will be a roundtable discussion, and we encourage everyone to share - if you attended or not. We’d also like to briefly cover Vive Cosmos, Beat On, The Void and any other important news you’ve read about.

Sun Shard WIP - RJ White

My latest project is a physics-based melee combat game for the Oculus Quest, called Sun Shard. I’ll share some progress shots, talk about relying on physics in a VR game, and chat about my experiences using SideQuest for public alpha testing.

I’m RJ White, and I’m a VR developer at Ghost Productions. I live in Centerville, MN with my wife and three children. I previously released Hardlight Blade for the Oculus Go, Rift, and Quest (via SideQuest), and FireZone for the Oculus Go. I’m currently working on Animov, a multiplayer sci-fi shooter for mobile VR, and Sun Shard. Check out my twitter for my personal VR work: @RJdoesVR

Aligning, Overlapping and Abusing Quest Playspaces - Zach Wendt

Standard Quest playspaces can be bigger than a 2 car garage, and set up in seconds. But since day 1, I’ve been testing larger areas indoors and outdoors, and testing various methods to align playspaces between sessions and multiple headsets. I don’t have significant content/project using this. I’m just sharing techniques and hoping to inspire others.

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